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  • What is Parallel?
    Parallel is a first-person (third-person optional) RPG adventure-action game, you will explore a parallel world with a new civilization. Each player will go through different environments, from mysticism, paradise to claustrophobic and destruction scenes. In the game you will have "butterfly effects". This means that choices are important, a simple yes or no in a conversation can change the entire destiny of your path. Sometimes the choices are unconscious. Small decisions, big twists. The player can experience many types of emotions. It all depends on what he wants to do in the game. With charismatic characters and specific scenes, this game brings a lot of immersion. Immersion is definitely the strongest part of this game, moving to mystical and very attractive moments. After waking up in a very strange situation, the player finds himself in another world, a parallel world that will make the player explore the environment and understand what is happening.
  • Will we have a BETA (test version)?
    Right now the Beta is closed. Don't forget to add your e-mail in newsletter for future updates or opportunities to play Parallel.
  • When the game will be available?
    Parallel is scheduled to be released in 2022. It is currently in the process of fixing bugs and adding a few more features.
  • Will there be a PS4, PS5, XBOX or Switch version?
    I am currently in contact with some publishers. The idea is to bring Parallel to all consoles, so I want to make the right decision, even if it takes longer to complete.
  • Are you contracting or looking for partners?
    I'm not hiring people right now. Partners are welcome, especially for media purposes, to increase the audience. I'm looking for third party companies to make this game for other platforms. I'm also a huge fan of VR, maybe in the future I can invest some time on this and bring Parallel to VR, maybe on the PSVR2. Last but not least, the mobile version is also a good option for me to invest in the future. As an older gamer, pixel games catch my eye a lot. If you want to help Parallel, don't forget to add it to your Steam Wishlist. With a bigger community I can do more things related to the Parallel world.
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